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Grimm EDM465 Ultrafine Particle Monitoring Station

Limit values according to the regulations of the European Union for fine dust, PM10, and PM2.5 are still exceeded in almost all congested urban areas. But also smaller towns and communities suffer from the exceedance of these limit values, which have been set in order to protect human health, by local emission sources like industry and heavy traffic. Apart from typical fine dust sources like traffic, industry, power plants, household emissions, agriculture and other natural sources, fine dust pollution is also determined by meteorological factors like the height of the mixing layer, wind direction and velocity, as well as the dispersion of the pollutants due to turbulences. Government authorities are requested by their legislative to create clean air plans that aim to analyse the current situation on the one hand, and to point out the reasons and sources of limit value exceedances on the other hand. Beyond that, these clean air plans also have to present future strategies and concrete actions in order to permanently comply with the limit values for PM10 and PM2.5.

  • GRIMM CPC Condensation Particle Counter with a D50 of 7.0 nm
  • Sampling with isotherm drying system
  • Outdoor housing with temperature control system
  • GPS positioning
  • Online data system via GSM into the internet
  • Powerful software package
  • Concentration range 7 3 1 to10 particles/cm
  • Additional meteorological sensors Automatic, unattended operation for one month
  • Environmental studies
  • Mobile aerosol studies
  • Traffic emission monitoring
  • Health studies
  • Research

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