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Topsafe Biological Safety Cabinets

EuroClone Topsafe Class II (Type A2) Biological Safety Cabinets

LAF Technologies is one of Australasia’s leading suppliers of biological safety cabinets and related products. Our world renowned EuroClone Topsafe Class II biological safety cabinets complement the range of other controlled environment products the company offers. Our EuroClone Topsafe cabinets:

  • Are manufactured and designed to comply with AS2252.2 Australian standards
  • Are microprocessor controlled, with volumetric sensor for exhausted airflow monitoring
  • Provide high airflow stability, both in case of transitional disturbances or progressive filter clogging
  • Provide continuous monitoring of the front barrier airflow for the highest operator safety
  • Feature a bar-graph analog display for the easiest reading of air speed value (barrier and down flow)
  • Feature a hydraulic H adjustable support stand (manual and electrical)
  • Have volt free contacts for remote monitoring of exhaust fan or other devices that needs to be synchronized with cabinet status (ON/OFF)
  • Incorporate a low barrier alarm

LAF Technologies is the exclusive Australian distributor for EuroClone and their range of Topsafe cabinets.

  • Sloped front design for the highest operational comfort. Sloped back side of the work chamber for the best down flow distribution
  • Space Saving utilities inlets from the top of the cabinet
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel internal surfaces with 2B finishing (including spillage tray). Solid work surface and special designed front grill
  • Hinged multi-layer 6 mm safety glass window (manual opening for easy cleaning procedures).
  • Comfortable 200mm front opening
  • Front closing panel
  • Retrofit options through lateral sides
  • Exposed exhaust HEPA (H14) filter for easy visual integrity check
  • Filter change and maintenance from the front of the cabinet
  • Exhaust transitions adapters easily installable for ducting
  • Hydraulic height adjustable support stand (optional, specific technical literature available on request).
  • Bar graph display for the easiest reading of air speed values (barrier and down flow)
  • Alarms: Multilevel alarms with redundancy functions
  • Permanent monitoring of working conditions
  • Soft touch control panel for standard service utilities UV and fluorescent lights interconnected.
  • Fully programmable UV cycle (start-up delay and duration)
  • The mobile UV kit is interlocked with fan and front window position (available as option)
  • Ensures high decontamination where it is required and optimize bulb lifespan
  • UV on rear wall also available as option
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 internal surface with 2B finishing (including spillage tray)
  • Solid work surface and special designed front grill
  • Clean-ability Index C grade (EN 12296 tested and certified)
  • Light intensity on work surface > 1000 lux
  • Key operated. The key can be removed when the unit is in SAFE mode, in order to avoid unwanted operation. In case of power failure, the cabinet is reset to original working conditions when power resumes.
  • Self check cycle performed when cabinet is switched on. High speed rinse and set up cycle performed, before reaching the SAFE operating mode
  • Visual display of SAFE conditions. Pre-warning before actual alarm conditions are reached (visual and acoustic alarms)
  • Soft touch control with keys for standard service utilities
  • Interlocked UV and fluorescent lights
  • H14 High Efficiency Particulate Air filters as per ISO EN 1822-1
  • Exhaust and recirculating fl ow rates ensure 25 air changes/min in the work area (30% – 70% split)
  • Front barrier air speed ≥ 0.5mt/sec
  • Aperture protection Factor (Apf) ≥ 1.5 x 105 (retention efficiency)
  • Light intensity on work surface > 1000 lux
  • Noise level according to ISO 11022 ≤ 58 d B(A)
  • 220/240 V, 50 Hz power supply, 220V/60 Hz voltage now available
  • Power (for each power point) 3A (total max power 6A)
  • Microprocessor equipped with analogical watch dog
  • CE certification according to Machinery Directive 89/392/EEC, 91/368/EEC, 93/44/EEC, 93/68/ EEC

Installed Standard Utilities

  • 1 Gas tap with solenoid valve
  • 1 Vacuum tap
  • 1 Electrical socket type Schuko (2 each on 1.8 model)
  • 1 Multi function UV light socket
  • Elapsed time meter
  • Metal front closure panel
Work chamber dimensions (W x D x H) mm1230 x 580 x 7001530 x 580 x 7001840 x 580 x 700
Overall dimensions (W x D x H) mm1380 x 795 x 14501685 x 795 x 14501990 x 795 x 1450
Height on stand mm217521752175
Front opening height mm195195195
Weight Kg180220340
Power supply220/240 V - 50 Hz and 220 V - 60 Hz220/240 V - 50 Hz and 220 V - 60 Hz220/240 V - 50 Hz and 220 V - 60 Hz
Power W350550750
Noise level dB(A)< 58< 59< 59
Lighting lux> 1000> 1000> 1000
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