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TopFog – Fog Fluid for Fog Generator

The fog fluid „TopFog“ is a mixture of polyhydric alcohols and water for visualizing airflows. The main application is the flow visualization in cleanrooms in connection with the Topas product Condensation Fog Generator CFG 290. This is used to perform a test to determine the supply airflow rate in a non-unidirectional cleanroom and the air velocity distribution in a unidirectional cleanroom according to ISO 14644-3. The product must be used appropriate as delivered.
  • Visualization of airflows in rooms and air-conditioning systems
  • Particularly suitable for use in clean rooms
  • Visual leak tests of systems and components
  • General use as test aerosol or challenge aerosol, e.g. for filter testing
TopFog - Fog Fluid for Fog Generator
Physical StateLiquid
ColourColourless, clear
Freezing Point< 0 °C
Voiling Point> 100 °C
Vapor Pressure< 0.1 mbar
Vapor Density> 1.0 g/ccm
Oxidizing attributesNo
Solubility in Waterarbitrary
Flashpoint> 177 °C
ViscosityLow viscosity
Density1.04 – 1.10 g / cm3

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