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Rocker Electric Steriliser Dragon 300 Series

Laftech Bio-Cabinets are Australian Suppliers of Electric Steriliser Laboratory Equipment.

We provide customers with food technology equipment such as the Dragon 300 and Dragon 320 models used for complete sterilisation without an open flame at leading laboratories throughout Australia. We also offer a comprehensive range of other lab equipment used in such areas as contamination control, fume extraction and forensics.

The Bio-Cabinets Rocker Dragon 300 Series Model Overview:

The Dragon 300 series steriliser is used to sterilize loop, needle, and culture tube mouth by means of its infrared heat chamber without an open flame. This feature helps avoid the dangerous spatter of micro- organisms and cross contamination. A powerful heating element makes the Dragon 300 sterilizer heat up to 950℃ quickly for complete sterilisation in just a few minutes. The Dragon 300 series weighted base and adjustable angle heating chamber make these Bio-Cabinets electric sterilisers the perfect lab equipment accessory for laminar flow hood and anaerobic chambers.

Rocker Electric Steriliser Laboratory Equipment.

Bio-Cabinets are the exclusive distributor of the Rocker Electric Sterilisers in Australia. We are justifiably proud of our record for professional service and encourage you to consider our company the next time you’re looking to buy or upgrade lab equipment. Our company Laftechnologies is a NATA accredited laboratory providing decontamination, testing, certification and back-up servicing for food technology and other related laboratory equipment.

  • Temperature is adjustable
  • Wide mouth design, suitable for objects less than 37mm in diameter
  • Angle adjustable heating chamber (depression 45 to elevation of 75 degree).

Dragon 300

Temperature Range: R.T. +20~950℃ Power: 180 watt Chamber Diameter: Φ16mm

Dragon 320

Temperature Range: R.T. +20~950℃ Power: 180 watt Chamber Diameter: Φ37mm

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