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Phleas H202 Decontamination Equipment

Airborne system for surface disinfection.

The airborne decontamination of surfaces is an innovative technique, based on the nebulisation of an active agent. This disinfection agent is atomised, meaning it is reduced to micro droplets, and diffused in the room to decontaminate surfaces. This technique, also called dry spraying, enables the automated decontamination of all surfaces, including less accessible areas, without any residues.

The Phileas® concept uses a spinning disk technology which produces a fine fog with uniform and controlled droplets (size range between 5 and 10 μ) and diffuses it effectively without using any nozzle or compressed air.

LAFtech Phileas H2O2 decontamination systemsControlled Environment products used for biological decontamination in Australia.

  • No Nozzle: Therefore no risk of system blockage
  • No compressed air propulsion:
  • Very low Noise
  • Homogeneous dispersion
  • Constant droplet size (between 5 and 10 μ) and liquid flow rate throughout full operation
  • Low energy-consumption: 25 to 150w depending of the machine. Machines automatically switch of after 10 mins if inactive
  • Very Low Maintenance Requirements: only required every 200 operating hours
  • Can treat a variety of volumes:
  • From 0.25 m3 up to 1200 m3 depending on machine selected

Very Small Volume

ModelPhileas 20Dphileas 20i
Treatment Volume0.25 to 40 m31 to 100 m3
Body ConstructionPlasticStainless Steel
Reservoir Volume0.5 L1 L
Typical Flow Rate370 mL/hr780 mL/hr
Power12 V Battery 1.5 hr run time 6 hr charge time12 V Battery 1.5 hr run time 6 hr charge time
Size (L x W x H) cm40 x 17 x 20 35 x 17 x 24

Small Volume

ModelPhileas 50Dphileas 50i
Treatment Volume10 to 150 m310 to 150 m3
Body ConstructionPlasticStainless Steel
Reservoir Volume1 L1 L
Typical Flow Rate1200 mL/hr1200 mL/hr
Size (L x W x H) cm35 x 17 x 2435 x 17 x 24

Medium Volume

ModelPhileas 100
Treatment Volume50 to 500 m3
Body ConstructionPlastic
Reservoir Volume5 L
Typical Flow Rate3000 mL/hr
Size (L x W x H) cm70 x 34 x 80

Large Volume

ModelPhileas 500
Treatment Volume50 to 1500 m3
Body ConstructionPlastic
Reservoir Volume10 L
Typical Flow Rate5200 mL/hr
Size (L x W x H) cm75 x 60 x 115

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