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PBI SAS Super Pinocchio II Microbial Air Sampler


The PBI SAS PINOCCHIO SUPER II is a precision microbial impaction sampler to test the microbiological quality of compressed air and gases used in cleanrooms. A compressed air source is connected to the SAS PINOCCHIO SUPER II system and the flow meter regulated to achieve the required flow rate, e.g.: 100 litres of air / minute. The sampling period is timed to obtain the required total sample volume, e.g. 1000 litres.

  • Fully transportable
  • For 55 mm contact plates (RODAC) or standard 90 mm Petri dishes
  • Calibrated according to International Standard and IQ, OQ and PQ documentation available

Typical applications

SAS Super Pinocchio II has been created for the microbiological control of air and other compressed gases used in the pharmaceutical and food industries plus other critical fields. The compressed gas is connected directly to the instrument.


  • Autoclavable
  • Calibrated according to International Standards
  • IQ OQ PQ validation protocols available
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) available
  • Unit requires no power and is fully transportable
  • Can collect air samples either on contact plates or standard 90 mm Petri dishes


Airflow rate: 100 l/min

Material: Stainless steel

Max. temperature: 40° C

W×D×H (mm): 400×200×245

Weight (kg): 2

Product Brochure

User Manual


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