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Laboratory Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Laftech Bio-Cabinets are Australian Suppliers of Ultrasonic Cleaner Equipment.

We provide customers with a premium range of Ultrasonic Cleaners found at leading laboratories throughout Australia. We also offer a comprehensive range of other lab equipment used in such areas as contamination control, fume extraction and forensics.

The Bio-Cabinets Lab Vacuum Technology product range includes:

Rocker Soner203, Soner203H, Soner206, Soner206H, Soner210, Soner210H, Soner220, Soner220H series models.

Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most effective and fastest means of removing stubborn contaminants from kinds of surfaces, especially useful for precision cleaning of parts that contaminated in small hard-to-reach crevices. Ultrasonic cleaner removes chemical residual from glassware, clean dirt, oils from components in various industries, In addition, ultrasonic cleaning is generally used in medical and jewellery field.

The mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning is a combination of force from chemical reaction of detergent and physical strength from so called “Cavitation”. A “Cavitation” is an effect caused by the rapid formation and collapse of millions of tiny bubbles (vacuum) in a liquid, which is produced by the alternating high and low pressure waves generated by high frequency sound (ultrasonic). During the low-pressure phase, these bubbles grow from microscopic size and then they are compressed to implode when the high-pressure phase comes.

“Degassing” is recommended if gases present in the solution. Powerful cavitation occurs only after gasses have been removed from the cleaning solution, leaving a vacuum in the formed bubble.

Water on it’s own has limited cleaning capability, ultrasonic cleaning solution contains various ingredients that help to break the bonds between parts and their dirt and optimise the ultrasonic cleaning process.

Laboratories: Degas liquid, Sample preparation, Cleaning of cuvette, test tube, pipette, optical & contact lenses, scientific Instruments.

Industries: Remove soil, oil, grease from components, semi-finished product, end items of kinds of industries, such as PC boards, HD glass plate, gears, bearings, switches, ceramic substrates, Quartz Crystals.

Medical: Cleaning with sterilisation of medical tools such as syringe parts, cannulas, surgical instruments and dental instruments, caps, dentures.

Degas: Soner’s family are standard with degas function to keep powerful cavitation effect.

Industrial transducer: The Soner’s bench top cleaners adopt high power, rugged transducer which is popularly used on industrial systems and known to be durable and superior

Higher Frequency: The Soner’s family feature 53KHz frequency to get more precision cleaning of parts that contaminated in small hard-to-reach crevices.

Digital Control: All Soner’s cleaners are designed with digital timer for cleaning and degas, digital control and display for temperature.

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