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Invivo2 Plus

Invivo2 Plus Complete Closed Cell Culture Hypoxia Workstation.

LAFtech supply quality Hypoxia Workstation cell biology equipment and other related products Australia-wide.

The Ruskinn Invivo2 Plus Hypoxia Workstation complements the range of controlled environment solutions available from our Australian laboratory and filtration products company.

The Ruskinn Invivo2 Plus can easily accommodate a variety of plate readers, cell imaging systems and other equipment such as: Essen Instruments Incucyte™ imaging system, ACEA Bioscience’s RT-CES® 96 well plate reader, Oy Growth Curves Ltd’s Bioscreen turbidity reader and Various stereo and inverted microscopes.

Laftech Invivo2 Plus Hypoxia WorkstationsControlled Environment Ruskinn Complete Closed Cell Culture Hypoxia Workstations Supplier / Cell Biology Hypoxia Workstation Suppliers Australia.

Invivo2 Plus Features and Benefits:

  • Lab in a Box’ – a Complete Closed Cell Culture Workstation. Maintains very stable, user defined O2, CO2, temperature and humidity control
  • Direct-Hand Access into Workstation takes seconds using convenient cuff & sleeve system (Ezee Sleeve™)
  • Optimum Working Capacity using Minimum Bench Space. 1m x 0.5m working surface all under hypoxic conditions
  • Cycle Programming. Allows a user-defined timed sequence of up to 4 O2 and CO2 concentrations.
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