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GRIMM miniCAST 7882 Soot Generator

The real soot generator miniCAST 7882 is small, portable and can be used for stationary and mobile applications.

The CAST is the best known soot generator for standard soot particles. The CAST supplies soot particles which are generated in a well defined flame, that simulates the combustion processes in combustion engines. The operation principle is based on solid know-how and practical experiences from many years of leading aerosol research and development activities. The miniCAST Model 7882 is aiming to supply soot particles for applications requiring lower particle output or lower particle concentration.

Its design and features meet the requirements of different applications in laboratories and for mobile needs. The miniCAST model 7882 generates a small particle flow with a constant particle concentration (mass and particle number) and allows testing particle monitoring devices. The internal dilution air reduces the particle concentration, this allows measuring particles without external dilution and saving expense respectively. The diluted particle flow can be directly led in to particle monitoring devices such as SMPS.

  • Good stability, adjustable log-normal particle size distribution,
  • dynamic operation up to 50-150 mbar, portable
  • Safe operation, low fuel gas consumption, internal ignition, flame safety device, one-valve
  • operation control/emergency valve, flame inspection, low voltage
  • Easy handling and maintenance
  • Diffusion flame with low fuel consumption (effective soot generation and safer than pre-mixed flame)
  • Fuel gas, standard: propane. External gas supply
  • Pressure: free for open and close system (standard up to 50 mbar, optional up to 150 mbar)
  • Detonation free internal ignition and operation with flame safety device
  • Integrated emergency valve
  • Visual control of the flame through an inspection window
  • Autonomous operation mode for testing purposes
  • Smoke output: 2 l/min (+ variable dil. air: 0-10 l/min or on customer request, optional)
  • Real combustion soot aerosol
  • Particle size adjustable between 10 and 160 nm, up to 250 nm on request
  • Slim log-normal particle size distribution, GSD=1.20, close to monodisperse
  • Particle number/mass concentration adjustable
  • Good stability and repeatability
  • Aerosol research
  • Medical research
  • Calibration of PMP instruments
  • Development and testing smoke alarms
  • Test of filter material and devices
GRIMM miniCAST 7882 Soot Generator
Particle:Combustion soot particle
Particle size range:10-160 nm, up to 250 nm on request
Concentration range:Undiluted: up to 10 particle/cm
Smoke/Exhaust gas:2 l/min + optional with variable dil. air 0-10 l/min
Mass output:Up to 30 mg/h
Temp. aerosol flow:40-90°C
Accuracy:<5% for mass and number concentration <2% for particle size (±3 nm)
Fuel gas:Propane
Oxidation air:Ambient air
Dilution air:Ambient air
Gas consumption:Propane 0.02 l/min Compressed air 12 l/min Nitrogen 3 l/min
Flame and particle control:High precision mass flow control (±0.3 % of eV.)
Power requirements:24 VDC
Dimensions (LxWxH):15 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm
Weight:5 kg
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