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Grimm 5412 Professional CPC

With the new CPC line-up of models 5.410 to 5.421 GRIMM establishes a new standard for condensation particle counters. The new detection head enables single particle counting for concentrations up to 150.000 particles/cm³; moreover, it features an improved detection efficiency and response time. These new models are optimized for stationary use (for mobile applications see the datasheet of model 5.403).

All models feature the well established condensate removal pump and the anti-spill saturator design. In addition, a novel saturator shutter enables the transport of the CPC without the need of removing or drying the saturator. We offer models with or without rugged internal pumps (the pumps fully meet the requirements of continuous long term measurements) and with or without built-in DMA controller. The pho-tometric mode for high concentrations (up to 107 P/ccm) may be integrated optionally in all models 5.410–5.421.

The CPCs can be combined with a GRIMM DMA for measurements of size distributions (see datasheet for the Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer, SMPS+C). Furthermore, a GRIMM Optical Particle Counter expands the SMPS+C system to a Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer (WRAS) that measures size distributions up to a particle size of 32 µm.

The CPC line includes also 19“ rack versions. GRIMM offers also mini-containers with addi-tional meteorological sensors and online data transfer via mobile networks for unattended long term measurements at remote sites.

  • Six models optimized for laboratory and long-term use
  • Improved detection limit with D50 = 4.0 nm for tungsten oxide particles
  • Single particle counting up to 150.000 1/cm³ Tolerates high ambient temperatures (40°C)
  • Improved response time with T90 < 3 seconds
  • With preconfigured software on a mini-PC ¸ Analog inputs for additional sensors
  • Comprehensive self-tests assure highest reliability

Max. Conc. (1/ccm) Single Count Mode: 100000

Sample Flow (lpm): 0.6

SMPS Option: No

Internal Pump: Yes

Port for external sensors: No

Size (h x w x d) (cm): 23 x 25 x 22

  • Fundamental aerosol research
  • Filter testing
  • Environmental & climatic studies
  • Nanotechnology process monitoring
  • Printer emission studies
  • Inhalation & Exposure studies

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