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EQUiTEC Plant Growth Rooms

EQUiTEC range of Plant Growth modular rooms provides precision environmental conditions for the growth for Tissue culture, Small and Tall plants, Seed Storage and Germination, Arabidopsis, Algae, Plant pathology, and Medicinal Cannabis. Our modular rooms deliver the most accurately controlled conditions for large walk in plant research.

EQUiTEC prefabricated panels are made of injected polyurethane or rockwool, the rigid foam has high thermal insulation properties and very effective for energy savings. With a selection of 80 or 100mm thick panels with the option of internal stainless steel or epoxy coating.

Lighting for plant growth fabricated rooms can be configured in Fluorescent tubing or Custom LED lights to suit your project. Generally, the lighting is mounted to the racking or shelving systems but can be suspended from the ceiling for growing taller plants. Allowing you to select the best rooms lighting system according to your requirements.

A wide range of options and accessories allows you to modify the growth room to your specific needs, custom made sizes for 20m³ to several 100³, designed to meet your application and user requirements Some popular options include: humidity control, programmable/dimmable LED lights, CO2 control and chlorophyll-matching red (660 nm) and blue (420 nm) lamps. Slide out draw systems to replace perforated shelves, Wi-Fi connectivity, Ethernet and RS485 options, Alarms just to name a few.

LAF Technologies, provides regular service agreement interval programs and preventative maintenance programs to ensure your equipment is always preforming in its optimal parameters.

  • Temperature ranges from +4°C to +50°C lights on or off
  • Optional temperature ranges available down to -15°C
  • Programmable temperature day/night cycles
  • Humidity control for 20% to 95% with in temperature range of +15°C to +40°C
  • Graphic Control interface with 178mm TFT touch screen
  • Electronic data recorder and USB output for data download
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Light intensity control day/night photo periods
  • Homogeneity equal to or better than ±0.5°C at +40°C
  • Microprocessor for parameter control and programming with PID system
  • Humidification system via purpose built ultrasonic humidifiers
  • Light shelves on the ceiling or sides with height adjustment
  • Light control with 6 intensity levels, allows for sun rise and sun set simulation
  • Horizontal or semi horizontal air flow, reduces stress on plants
  • Airflow speed between 0.2m/s and 0.5m/s
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