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Concept 1000 Invivo2

Concept 1000 Invivo2 Workstation for the study cultures under anaerobic (anoxic) or microaerophilic (hypoxic) conditions.

LAFtech supply quality Anaerobic/Hypoxia Workstation equipment and other related products Australia-wide.

The Ruskinn Concept 1000 Invivo2 Workstation complements the range of controlled environment solutions available from our Australian laboratory and filtration products company.

Aimed at larger laboratories or research applications with a need to study cultures under anaerobic (anoxic) or microaerophilic (hypoxic) conditions, the dual chamber Concept Invivo2 1000 boasts a host of unique features. With a 1000 working plate capacity, the Concept Invivo2 1000 is a serious contender for the title of Ultimate Workstation.

Like the Concept 1000, the Concept Invivo2 1000 is accessed through a central interlock and allows users to transfer large bottles, flasks and other equipment, quickly and efficiently giving greater flexibility to larger more diverse research facilities. The front-loading interlock features class leading “one touch” operation and easy access for loading/unloading.

Each work chamber features independent control of temperature and humidity and has independent user access so two people can work at once. The Gas Mixer Q System is interfaced with one chamber to create two independent environments.

LAFtech Anaerobic and Hypoxia Workstations for MicrobiologyControlled Environment Concept 1000 Invivo2 Workstation Suppliers / Ruskinn Anaerobic (anoxic) or microaerophilic (hypoxic) conditions equipment supplier Australia.

Concept 1000 Invivo2 Features and Benefits:

  • 3.5 minutes Interlock Cycle Time for rapid transfer of up to 100 plates (90 mm)
  • Manual Interlock Outer Door Operation for simple top loading access
  • Minimum / Maximum Incubation Temperature – ambient +5°C to 45°C
  • Up to 4 Gas Operation; H2/N2, CO2, N2, Air for low gas consumption and running costs
  • Workstation Fabrication is solvent bonded acrylic for optimum cell conditions.

Gas Mixer Q (connects to one chamber only) Features and Benefits

  • O2 control from 00.0% to 20.9%, CO2 control from 00.0% to 30.0%
  • Both gases can be controlled in steps of 1 decimal place
  • Visual alarms allowing users to be alerted quickly • Can run under anoxic conditions
  • One touch calibration for O2 sensor at both 20.9% and 0% can be done while workstation is operational
  • Communications port to download values to PC / memory stick: Date, Time, O2%, and CO2%
  • Hypoxic Cycling allows a timed sequence of 4 different O2 and CO2 concentrations for more complex experiments
  • Touch screen to facilitate user interface
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