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Environmental Cleanroom Monitoring Solutions

LAFtech can design, install and maintain your cleanroom contamination monitoring system. We offer cleanroom monitoring calibration, service, repair, contamination control training and consultation services.

LAF Technologies are specialist environmental cleanroom monitoring systems suppliers in Australia that provide environmental monitoring and particle counting equipment, controlled environment solutions, scientific and advanced measurement instrumentation for a host of critical monitoring applications.

We provide cleanroom solutions such as water monitoring, radiation, toxic gas, ambient air, room temperature and humidity monitoring as well as full cleanroom monitoring systems.

Our environmental cleanroom monitoring handheld, portable, remote, gas and liquid particle counters, viable particle counters, microbial air samplers, particle monitoring systems and other monitoring equipment, accessories and instruments complement the vast range of controlled environment products and services provided by our Cleanroom Monitoring Systems Company.

LAF Technologies are environmental cleanroom monitoring systems and equipment suppliers for Lighthouse in Australia and distributors of other specialist monitoring and testing, sampling, measurement, tools and instruments. We can design, install and maintain your cleanroom monitoring solution. LAFtech offer full environmental monitoring calibration, service, repair, contamination control training and consultation services for cleanrooms.

We are experts for Monitoring Services, Particle Counters and Environmental Monitoring Systems for Cleanrooms.

LAF Technologies Cleanroom Monitoring Solutions & Environmental Monitoring Systems Australia.

  • Automotive and Paint Spray
  • Semiconductor and Flat Panel TV
  • Aerospace / Defence
  • Sterile Packaging
  • Controlled Environment Equipment
  • Cleanroom Certification.

Cleanroom monitoring can be accomplished in a number of ways by using discrete portable particle counters, remote point of use particle counters and/or a manifold system to meet the ISO-14644 cleanroom standard.Our monitoring software can easily integrate many different types of sensors to achieve a more complete monitoring system.

  • Automated Monitoring System
  • Facilitates Cleanroom Certification
  • Configurable Alert and Alarm Settings
  • Immediate Notifications to Staff
  • Continuous Sampling and Monitoring
  • Secure Data Capture and Storage
  • Reduced Labour Cost.
  • Remote Particle Counters
  • Portable Particle Counters
  • Compressed Gas Particle Counting
  • Handheld Particle Counters
  • Handheld Microbial Air Samplers
  • Liquid Particle Counters
  • Scanair Pro Systems
  • Monitoring System (LMS) Software
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