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Bugbox Plus

Bugbox Plus Larger Interlock Anaerobic Workstation.

LAFtech supply quality Anaerobic Workstation equipment and other related products Australia-wide.

The Ruskinn Bugbox Anaerobic Workstations complements the range of controlled environment solutions available from our Australian laboratory and filtration product company.

Retaining the compact bench print, the Bugbox Plus has the added advantage of a larger interlock. Taking just 830mm of bench space with a capacity to incubate up to 280 plates the Bugbox Plus is the perfect way to improve isolation rates and is an easy to justify alternative to anaerobic jars. The larger interlock allows the incubation of larger plates or flasks or can be utilised to take small pieces of equipment into the interlock.

Ruskinn recognise that most general laboratories inoculate samples with anaerobic cultures on the bench. That’s why samples are transferred, at up to 18 at a time in the colour coded petri tubes – 35 seconds is all it takes to transfer and guarantee the best isolation rates for your anaerobes. Add to this a range of optional accessories and you have a convenient system for incubation of anaerobes.

The Bugbox Plus is very affordable and maintenance costs are incredibly low.

Service intervals are only once a year and gas consumption could amount to just 3 or 4 cylinders of gas mix in 12 months. Many laboratories can justify the switch from jars to Bugbox Plus on consumable savings alone.

LAFtech Larger Interlock Anaerobic Workstations – Controlled Environment Ruskinn Anaerobic Workstation Equipment Supplier / Bugbox Plus Anaerobic Workstation Suppliers Australia.

Bugbox Plus Features and Benefits:

  • 35 seconds Interlock Cycle Time for rapid transfer of up to 18 plates (90 mm)
  • Manual Interlock Outer Door Operation for simple front-loading access
  • Minimum / Maximum Incubation Temperature – ambient +5°C to 45°C
  • Dual Gas Operation; ANO2 gas mix and N2 for low gas consumption and running costs
  • Workstation Fabrication is solvent bonded acrylic for optimum cell environment.
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