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COVID-19 Company Update Coronavirus

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Company Update Coronavirus COVID-19

Dear Valued Customers,

During this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, smooth business operation has been a challenge in every industry.

We want to personally assure you that we are monitoring the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) closely. We are monitoring expert recommendations, including guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), Our State,Federal and Government Health Departments.

We want everyone to stay safe and we want to assure you that LAF Technologies is continuing to provide essential equipment supplies and critical essential services to your business so you can continue to function at the front line of this pandemic.

In line with current government guidelines and as they further develop, where possible we are working remotely, limiting key staff present in offices and facilities but do continue to operate at full capacity with critical infield services. We do plan to continue with our various business activities throughout the foreseeable future. Our priority is to ensure the safety of our employees, our clients and our families. Our sales and stock distribution department will continue to operate at the required demand capacity with key employees to ensure quick and reliable delivery while again complying with our government guidelines.

We continue to update and bolster our stock availability of key Biological Safety Containment systems, including spare parts,Bio-Decontamination equipment with associated chemicals and laboratory equipment. This stock is in high demand and in some instances allocated to key contracted State Health Departments working at the frontline of this pandemic.Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything. We do have stock available right now and have more coming.

Our goal as always here at LAFtech is to serve you to the absolute best of our ability. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to reach us by email or call us at 1300 306 002 for any of your needs. We thank you for your continued support, and we will continue to keep you informed as we take additional action.

We will get through this together.

Martin Rostron, Managing Director and the LAFtech Team