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Particle Research Instruments - Condensation Particle Counters

Used by particle measurement professionals throughout Australia and the world, condensation particle counters (CPC’s) are ideal for the measurement of ultra-fine and nano-sized particles. LAF Technologies offers a comprehensive range of high quality, German made condensation particle counters from world renowned particle instrument manufacturer Grimm Aerosol Technik. These models can be used in a standalone capacity, they may be rack mounted or they may be combined with a DMA and other components to form an SMPS (scanning mobility particle sizing) system for high resolution particle size distribution data over 255 high resolution size channels and spanning an ultra wide 4nm to 3um > particle size range.


Grimm condensation particle counters, SMPS systems and their associated accessories are utilized in a wide variety of industry applications throughout the world. Just some of these include:


  • Atmospheric aerosol studies on board submarines, ships and aircraft
  • Occupational health and safety exposure studies
  • Environmental monitoring applications (regulators and industry professionals)
  • Particle / aerosol research studies (universities and research facilities)
  • Diesel emission exposure monitoring and research
  • Many others