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Ventilation Test Instruments - Hotwire Anemometers

The widest range of precision hotwire anemometers in Australia

From world renowned Kanomax USA Incorporated comes the world’s largest and most accurate range of precision hot-wire anemometers. Imagine owning a research grade anemometer with 2% air velocity accuracy for the price of a traditional hot-wire anemometer. Imagine, hot-wire anemometers with up to 7 different interchangeable hot wire probes, some optimised for highly sensitive low flow measurements, others capable of measurements up to 50m/s. Probe options include straight probes, 90 degree probes, windowed and even 360 degree omnidirectional probes for NO flow blockage. Some of our popular Kanomax models even boast up to 20,000 record data storage, analogue output capabilities and even measurements of temperature, humidity, and differential pressure from -5.00 to + 5.00 kPa.