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Ventilation Test Instruments - Air Balancing Hoods

Kanomax Tabmaster Air Balancing Hoods

Introducing the ULTIMATE air balancing hoods for the HVAC professional. Why would you consider other air balancing equipment when you can now buy a latest generation Kanomax air balancing hood with 8,000 point data logging, colour removable / tilt-able screen, Bluetooth capabilities, built-in temperature and humidity measurement sensors, wider 10.8 l/s to 1,179 l/s measurement range and MUCH more. Our popular 6715 model even has an optional velocity matrix, removable portable handheld manometer (pressure meter), measures static and differential pressure, has an Android smart phone application, is fully temperature and back pressure compensated and is still one of the world’s lightest air flow hoods to use.

Customer feedback on the Kanomax hoods ?

Gday Craig. I’ve been using the Kanomax hood over the last week and I’m very impressed. Very easy to use and a very solid bit of kit. I’ve let management know that the company should look at purchasing this type of hood in the future as it will stand up to the abuse the service techs put them through a bit better than the other brand.


Paul F