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PSMWin – Software for Pore Size Analysis

The user-friendly analysis and control software PSMWin was developed specifically for the Pore Size Analyser PSM 165. Using this software, which can be used under Windows, three main parameters describing the material structure of porous materials can be determined:

  • Pore size distribution of porous media
  • Bubble Point
  • Mean Flow Pore Size

The software will provide the examiner with instructions for required non automatable activities, for example the  insertion of the test object. Subjective mistakes in testing can be reduced to a minimum. The information obtained can be output graphically (monitor, printer) or tabulated (monitor, printer, file).

  • Guidance of the user through the entire test
  • Automatic test sequences
  • Presenting the data with optional printing log
  • Data exchange with Excel (transfer of the measurement data is possible in other Windows application programs with copy function, as well as data export)
  • Pore Size Calculator

Allows measurement and evaluation in accordance with the following standards:

  • ASTM D6767-11: Standard Test Method for Pore Size Characteristics of Geotextiles by Capillary Flow Test
  • ASTM F316-03 (2011): Standard Test Methods for Pore Size Characteristics of Membrane Filters by Bubble Point and Mean Flow Pore Test
  • ISO 2942:2004: Hydraulic fluid power — Filter elements — Verification of fabrication integrity and determination of the first bubble poin
  • ISO 4003 (1990): Permeable sintered metal materials; determination of bubble test pore size

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