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PAFWin – Control Software for Test Systems

PAFWin is a user-friendly software for test rig control and data acquisition, especially for filter test rigs . It runs under Windows platforms and visualizes the test rig as well as the running test in realtime. For a lot of specific instruments like aerosol generators, particle sizer/counter, gas analyzer, gas dosing systems particular software components are available. Performing test rig validation is supported by several Excel spreadsheets.

  • Automatic test procedures according to instructions as given by existing standards and guidelines
  • Manual control of single test rig components for calibration, service and research tasks
  • Datalogger for long-term investigations
  • Filter sample and types data base
  • Test dust and test gas database
  • Graphics, tables for data presentation and statistical functions
  • Clip board functions, Dynamic Data Transfer to Excel spreadsheets
  • English and German language
  • Extensive Online help and user manual
  • Differential pressure test
  • Determination dust loading capacity
  • Emission test regarding EN 60 312
  • Gas adsorption measurements of cabin air filters regarding DIN 71460/ ISO 11 155 Teil II
  • Particle filtration measurements of cabin air filters regarding DIN 71460/ ISO 11 155 Teil I
  • Measurements of fractional efficiencies of general air filters regarding EN 779 / Ashrae 52.2
  • Hardware connection with different IO- or industrial bus systems, enabling adaptation to existing facilities
  • Device control of various particle counters and gas analysers
  • Many control tasks for additional devices can be handled (temperature, humidity, volume flow, etc.)
  • Network-compatible data base system
  • Closed testing and validation of realised testing procedures

Product Brochure

User Manual