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Oriflow Rhino Duct Leakage Tester

Complete tester includes 3hp blower (115v/1ph/60hz or 230v/1ph/60hz), 6-inch orifice tube with your choice of plate, dial gauges, four wheels for vertical or horizontal transport, calibration certificate, 12.5 feet of flexible duct, and 20 feet of pressure tubing.

  • Positive and negative pressure testing.
  • Simple analog gauges; no messy manometer fluids.
  • Calibration certificate certified by Professional Engineer attesting to orifice plate’s 2% accuracy
  • Swivel caster wheels to allow horizontal transport in a pickup or storage.
  • Industrial epoxy powder coat finish for long life.
  • Only 25 inches wide to fit through most doorways.
  • Two piece, flange tap orifice tube with interchangeable orifice plate so you don’t have to carry more than one orifice tube around.
  • Customer choice of S304 orifice plate.
  • Optional orifice plates at additional cost: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6-inch ID.
  • Twelve feet of flexible duct.
  • Twenty feet of duct static pressure tubing.
  • Inlet damper and safety guard included with fan for varying airflow.
  • 230v, 3ph blower for the most demanding jobs.
  • Can be wired for 460v at customer request.
  • 230v/1ph operation
  • Custom digital gauges run on 9v battery
  • Speed controller for precision control and low pressure or low leakage applications
  • Additional orifice plates for wider leakage flow range
  • EN 1507, Ventilation for Buildings – Sheet Metal Air Ducts with Rectangular Section – Requirements for Strength and Leakage
  • EN 12237, Ventilation for Buildings – Ductwork – Strength and Leakage of Circular Sheet Metal Ducts
  • Eurovent 2/2, Leakage Rate in Sheet Metal Air Distribution Systems
  • DW/143, Ductwork Leakage Testing
  • SMACNA Air Duct Leakage Test Manual
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