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Kanomax Climomaster 6501 Series Hotwire Anemometers

Multi-function hot-wire anemometer with detachable compatible probes and a special platinum-coated sensor that improves stability and durability.

  • The most accurate handheld hot-wire anemometer in its class
  • Probe Compatibility feature allows you to have spare probes
  • Detachable probe
  • Automatic Flow Rate Calculation function
  • USB connection to PC
  • Large data storage, stores up to 20,000 measurements
  • Differential Pressure available as an option
  • One probe simultaneously measures air velocity, air temperature, relative humidity, and airflow rate
  • 7 different detachable probes available, including a low air velocity, omni-directional probe
  • If you have more than one unit, detachable probes allow you to share the main unit or the probes
  • Optional Measuring Software displays real-time measurements in table, graphic, and spread sheet formats
  • HVAC Ventilation Testing and Balancing
  • Laboratory Control
  • Fume Hood Performance Testing
  • IAQ Investigation
  • Industrial Flow Testing
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