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Kanomax Anemomaster Anemometer 6036 Series

  • Accurate, ergonomic, and durable
  • Rugged, telescopic, articulating probe fits into hard-to-reach areas and survives harsh conditions
  • Comfortable antislip grip and bright backlit display make taking measurements quick and easy
  • Simultaneously read temperature, number of stored records, and one airflow parameter
  • Download data to PC for analysis with included software
  • ±3.0% of Air Velocity READING accuracy


  • HVAC Testing & Balancing
  • IAQ Investigations
  • Industrial Hygiene Ventilation Verification
  • Filter Face Air Velocity Measurement
  • Simultaneously measures and displays air velocity and air temperature
  • Telescopic articulating probe makes it easy to take measurements at ceiling ducts and other hard to reach places
  • Data-logging function with storage capacity of up to 1500 records which allows users to work longer before pausing to upload data to a PC
  • USB connection, easy to upload to your PC or laptop
  • Highly Visible blacklit display
  • Make sure you order it with the  OPTIONAL OSHA APPROVED  Hands-Free Case
  • NIST TRACEABLE Calibration Certificate

*Annual NIST TRACEABLE CALIBRATIONS are performed at our facility in ANDOVER, NJ.