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Grimm EDM765 Series Complete Monitoring Stations

The Model 765 is an air quality inspection system with compact design.

The EDM 765 offers you new possibilities in analysing pollutants of ambient air on limited space. You won’t need a conventional measuring container in order to measure different gas components and fine dust – everything is covered within 1 m²!

The EDM 765 allows you to measure fine dust and gases, for instance CO, NOx, O3. In order to measure fine dust particles between 0.25 µm and 32 µm in 31 size channels, the EDM 180 is used inside the EDM 765. The fine dust monitor EDM 180 was specifically developed for the use inside measuring containers and was constructed according to worldwide existing standards and regulations for dust measurement. The EDM 765 can also be expanded with an SMPS system.

The mobile and fully air-conditioned measuring container of the EDM 765 offers room for three gas analysers (19”) of your choice. The isothermal Nafion dryer guarantees sampling without the loss of semi-volatile components.

Fitted with a meteorological sensor (relative humidity, temperature, wind and rain), the EDM 765 offers you the possibility of dispersion modelling. Per data logger you’ll have the measurement results conveniently and in real-time delivered to your workplace via the internet. The high-performance evaluation software for the EDM 765 – developed for you – delivers a detailed summary (numerical or graphical) of the measurement results per mouse click.

Besides the quality of the devices and of the measurement results, the EDM 765 convinces users with its economic operation and its low maintenance costs. Moreover, the integrated EDM 180 is conform to legal standards PM10 (EN12341), PM2.5 (EN14907), US-EPA und GOST-R.

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