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GRIMM EDM 665 Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer

The outdoor Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer EDM 665

The best devices for measuring the optical diameter of fine dust particles and the mobility diameter of ultrafine particles were combined in the environmental dust monitor EDM 665. By combining the well-engineered systems EDM 180 and SMPS+C in the EDM 665, Grimm sets yet another landmark in environmental aerosol metrology.

By combining the two measuring methods, the particles are classified in 71 size channels ranging from 5 nm – 32 µm and can be obtained in only a few minutes.

You are seeking for high data quality including meteorological data without the loss of semi-volatile components?Here, too, the EDM 665 has the right solution for you – with the Nafion drying and the meteorological sensors (optional)!

Therefore, the fully air-conditioned high-tech stand-alone system is a reliable partner in any climate zone and even at higher altitudes!

Per data logger you’ll have the measurement results conveniently and in real-time delivered to your workplace via the internet. The high-performance evaluation software 577 for the EDM 665 – developed for you – delivers a detailed summary (numerical or graphical) of the measurement results per mouse click.

Besides the quality of the devices and of the measurement results, the EDM 665 convinces users with its economic operation and its low maintenance costs.

  • 19” GRIMM Optical Particle Counter with 31 size channels
  • 19” GRIMM CPC Condensation Particle Counter with included M-DMA (Vienna Type) and 45 size channels
  • Sampling probe with isothermal dehumidification (no heating)
  • Shelter outdoor housing with air-conditioning system
  • Counts all particles from 5.0 nm up to 32 μm
  • 71 size classes
  • Concentration 1 to 107 particles/cm3
  • Stand-alone measurement
  • Fully automatic
  • 19” rack mounted instruments
  • Unattended operation for extended periods of time
  • Wireless data transfer to web server
  • Environmental studies
  • Aerosol research
  • Mobile aerosol studies
  • Roadside monitoring
  • Engine exhaust studies
  • Health effect studies
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