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Grimm 11-R Advanced Real-Time Dust Monitor

Grimm Aerosol Technik 11-R Advanced Multi-Channel Real-Time Portable Dust Monitor

Imagine a German made, portable real-time dust monitor capable of monitoring particles from 0.25um up to 35um in size. The same monitor is capable of displaying PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 mass measurements simultaneously as well as providing 31 user definable high resolution particle size channels simultaneously. Now that’s a dust monitor.

The 11-R is capable of measurements far beyond that of other real-time dust measurement instruments enabling the end user to monitor dust across a wider measurement range while size segregating particles and collecting a filter sample. Incorporating a state-of-the-art measurement cell, based on the latest laser scattering light technology, the Mini-LAS 11-R reliably counts every single particle in a wide size range from 0.25 up to 35 μm while also classifying them into 31 separate particle size channels. This patented method guarantees a precise assignment of particles according to their size, and thus the single PM mass fractions can be accurately calculated.

Measurement data can be conveniently accessed and shown online via Bluetooth or Ethernet and in the workplace via laptop or portable tablet. An Android application is also available for accessing the data in real-time. Additionally, the measurement data can be easily stored on SD card and / or on a USB flash drive.

  • PM1, PM2.5 & PM10 real-time particle mass measurements (simultaneously)
  • 0.25um to 35um wide particle size range (the widest range on the market)
  • 0.0001 (0.1ug/m3) to 100 mg/m3 mass concentration range
  • Measurements down to 0.1ug/m3 versus 1ug/m3 or many dust instruments 31 simultaneous high resolution particle size channels for dust size distribution (optional)
  • Bluetooth communications
  • SD card & USB flash drive data storage for almost unlimited data collection
  • USB interface, Ethernet interface, RS232 & Bluetooth communications
  • 12 volt battery and connection for easy integration into field based monitoring stations
  • Fully compliant with the latest PM10 (EN12341) and PM2.5 (EN14907), the US EPA, the Russian GOST and the Chinese requirements.
  • Small, portable, rugged, battery powered and fully remote controllable via Bluetooth
  • Integrated, removable 47 mm PTFE filter for subsequent gravimetrical and chemical analysis (dual technology)
  • Self-test at each start-up
  • Advanced sheath air system for protecting the optics and preventing against fouling
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