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Grimm 11-B Portable Bio Aerosol Spectrometer

Tracing bacteria with the Grimm 11-B Bio aerosol spectrometer

The Grimm 11-B portable aerosol measurement system was developed to detect the difference between biotic and abiotic particles fast and on the spot. This system allows the counting and microscopic analysis of the sample collected on the integrated object slide for bacteria. The following 4 steps show how bacterial aerosol fractions (bacteria, fungal spores, pollen, etc) are identified:

  • Step 1: Measurement of particle concentration and particle size distribution (even the surface and mass) using laser spectrometry
  • Step 2: Collection of all counted particles on a (prepared) object slide
  • Step 3: Specific dye of the relevant biotic particles (e.g. for bacteria) bacterial spores or fungal spores with selective dying methods
  • Step 4: Visualization and concentration evaluation with portable fluorescence-microscope (CCD camera and evaluation software)

Grimm 11-B Basic device

Technically well-engineered and easily expandable, this handy spectrometer is highly popular and extensively used throughout the world. The 11-B detects every single airborne particle (single particle count) from 0.25 to 32µm in real-time with highest precision and classifies them in 31 particle size channels. Every aerosol particle is detected in the optical measuring cell and allocated to a defined particle size based on the intensity of the scattering light signal. In order to guarantee the precision of the measurement and to protect the measuring cell from impurities, part of the constant 1.2 l/min particle sample volume flow is filtered and brought back into the measuring device as rinsing air. The readiness for use of the 11-B is checked by self-testing after each start-up.

By comparing the counted bacteria and the total optically measured ones a correlation can be established, so that the respective size classes of the bacteria and their particle concentration can be defined. Grimm’s specially developed, user-friendly and high performance software then displays the measurement data.

Probing microorganisms

This is the ultimate device for instantly and accurately identifying which bacteria, fungal spores or pollen is present in the ambient air on client sites. A unique feature of the Grimm 11-B is the ability to measure the particle concentration and particle size distribution of biological aerosol fractions and collecting the actual sample on a prepared object slide for precise identification.

The most important features

  • Output of measuring data as particle count and dust mass fractions in 31 channels
  • Collection of all classified particles on a pre-treated glass object
  • Output of measurement results in real-time according to the European standard EN 481 (occupational health values: inhalable, thoracic, alveolar) and also the environmental values PM10, PM2.5, PM1 (not mass specific)
  • Self test for checking the readiness for use at each start-up
  • Integrated sheath air system for keeping the optical measuring cell clean
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